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  • Selby books

    Selby is an amazing dog. He’s the only talking dog in Australia and, perhaps, the world! Selby is determined to keep his ability to talk a secret even if it kills him. And in many of the stories about him, it almost does! 

    WARNING! Selby stories are highly addictive: read one and you may have to read them all!

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  • Emily Eyefinger books

    Emily Eyefinger is a very special little girl who was born with an eye on the end of her finger. She is a girl who is thrown into one adventure after another and, when she is, the eye on the end of her finger always comes in “handy”.

    When people ask her if she likes having this extra eye Emily says (with a smile), 'On the one hand I like it. But on the other hand I don't.'

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  • Other books

    Other books

    As well as the very popular Selby and Emily Eyefinger series, Duncan Ball has written many other books, including the whimsical picture book Jeremy's Tail and the hilarious poetry book called My Sister Has a Big Black Beard.

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