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  • My Sister Has a Big Black Beard – $12.99

    My sister has a big black beard, my brother needs a bra...My mother is a baritone and loves to smoke cigars...

    So begins the first poem in this wonderfully wicked collection of poems for kids by the multi-award winning author/illustrator team of Duncan Ball and Kerry Millard.

    This book is signed by Duncan Ball. 

    ISBN: 9780207200892
    Ages: 9+

  • Jeremy's Tail – $4.99

    Jeremy's Tail

    At the special price of $4.99 for a limited time only!

    Enjoy Jeremy's wonderful journey as he tried to pin the tail on the donkey and finds himself on a grand tour of the world. Donna Rawlin's wonderful illustrations make this prize-winning picture book a modern day classic. 

    This book is signed by the author.

    ISBN 978 1 86504 692 1
    Ages: 4+

  • This School is Driving Me Nuts! – $18.99

    This hilarious book of nine short plays for kids ranges from a comic monologue to a play that can involve a whole class and everything in between.

    Craig Smith's delightful illustrations add to the fun of this great collection that you will read and perform over and over again.

    This book is signed by the author.

    ISBN: 9780994234032
    Ages: 8+

  • Two Tengu Tales from Japan – $19.99

    In this lively engaging retelling of two fantastic tengu tales Duncan Ball introduces young readers to the folk world of old Japan, while David Allan's beautiful illustrations will delight all ages.

    This book is signed by the author.

    Hardcover: (215 x 300mm)
    ISBN: 9780992283865
    Ages: 5+