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Emily Eyefinger and the Secret from the SeaIf you're a fan of Selby, Emily Eyefinger, the Piggotts, or any other of Duncan Ball's fantastic books, you've come to the right place!

Duncan has written tonnes of books over many years. His most popular books are the Selby series, and the Emily Eyefinger series. But he’s also written books like the very funny poetry book, My Sister has a Big Black Beard, and the books about Bert Piggott, Piggott Place and Piggotts in Peril. He’s even written a book of plays, Comedies for Kids.

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This is what Duncan says about his writing

"When I sit down to write I become a kid again. Because I was a poor reader when I was young I try to make my stories just the way I might like them if I was that child again. I make them as exciting, fun and easy-to-read as I can in order to grab kids from the first page.

My best-known books are in series. The beauty of series books is that the reader gets to know the characters better and better and can continue with them on more adventures. The challenge for me is to make each book at least as good at the previous one and to continue to invent and construct plots that will delight the readers. The challenge is to come up with so many stories and making sure each one isn’t too close to one I’ve written before.

I work out my stories in notes on scraps of paper or just in my head. Sooner or later the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and I start writing the story. Once I know pretty much what’s going to happen in a story I start re-writing and polishing it. I do lots and lots of re-writing to get the story just the way I think that kids would like it. This re-writing is, for me, the real joy of writing."

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