Jeremy's Tail

Stanley the dog is scared of everything - big dogs, little dogs, cars, water, butterflies, even cats! His owner wishes Stanley was brave - as brave as a lion, or a rhinoceros or an elephant or even a dragon. This is a heart-warming tale of a boy’s love for his ‘scaredy-cat’ dog.
Illustrated by Craig Smith.
Publication Date: 2001
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780207198199
Ages: 2+

Jeremy's Tail cover"This is the story of Jeremy who was determined to pin the tail on the donkey." So begins the delightful tail of Jeremy who misses the donkey and walks out the door and down the street blindfolded. Without knowing it Jeremy gets on a bus and a ship and travels the globe telling people along the way: "I'm going to pin the tail on the donkey." Jeremy is even shot out of a circus cannon. This picturebook is a wonderul introduction to other countries and other cultures.

Jeremy's Tail was an Australian Children's Book Council Notable Book.

This book is signed by Duncan Ball.

Illustrated by Donna Rawlins.

Paperback (230 x 270mm)

ISBN: 9781865046921

Ages: 2+


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